Let’s change the world

Inclusion spreads knowledge and creativity, which contributes to society. By denying people with disabilities access to the internet, we’re denying progress throughout the world.

Our vision

For the first time ever, opening the Internet to everyone isn’t just a dream, it can actually be achieved. We’re determined to do this with every step we take and we won’t stop until we do.

Change starts with awareness

aCe helps us open the
internet to everyone

  • Gain clarity of your website’s compliance

  • Extend awareness of web accessibility

  • Include people with disabilities in society

Our steadfast vision of making the Internet accessible would not have been realized without first gaining clarity of the web's status. By understanding that 98% of websites aren't accessible to people with disabilities, we set out to build the world's most comprehensive web accessibility solution.

In order to achieve an accessible web, we believe that this clarity should be shared with and be accessible to everyone. That's why aCe is and will remain, free. 

Knowledge can only be shared if it's understandable. The easier a website's status is understood, the faster it can be remediated, and the more accessible the Internet becomes. Therefore aCe delivers a simple, coherent result so that anyone who uses aCe knows where they stand.

Check your website’s compliance now