aCe is the industry standard for web accessibility testing

  • It’s free, and always will be

  • Gain peace of mind with a reliable result

  • Delivers results within seconds

  • Backed by the #1 web accessibility solution

Why was aCe created?

Clarity is essential for web accessibility

aCe is the first step towards web accessibility by giving website owners a clear answer to whether their site is accessible and compliant with accessibility legislation.

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    aCe was first developed as an internal auditing tool for accessiBe, the leading web accessibility solution, to improve accuracy.

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    By using aCe to test and help make thousands of websites fully WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, we were able to bring it to unbeatable standards.

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    By realizing the power of accuracy, we released aCe as a free testing tool for all website owners so that they can understand their status’ for themselves.

aCe gives you the clarity to move forward

With aCe, you know exactly where you stand and what needs to be fixed, so you can confidently take your next steps.

aCe VS other testing tools

aCe is the only testing tool that gives you a clear, straightforward answer

aCe utilizes accessiBe’s AI engines to flag and extracts web accessibility errors and failures, to present them in a way that you can fully and easily understand.
Our competitors identify errors without the ability to recognize which ones are relevant to actually compliance status, so you’re left with a long list of errors you can’t understand.
Why should you test with aCe?

With aCe, there's no reason
not to test your website

  • Fast results

    With a click of a button, accurate results are ready within seconds

  • Free forever

    Helps drive awareness towards a more accessible web

  • Highly reliable

    Uses industry-leading AI to scan for full WCAG 2.1 AA compliance

  • Backed by leadership

    aCe is powered by accessiBe, the #1 web accessibility solution

  • Privacy is priority

    No personal data is collected and we abide by all security regulations

  • Gain clarity

    You know where you stand and what needs to be fixed

Check your website’s compliance now